Gone are the days when you needed the technical expertise to create short films and videos. If you are a Mac computer user, you do not even need the top-end gadgets to create the videos. There are some exceedingly smart video editing applications that can be used to develop some stunning videos. These video editing applications are not only easy to install, but they are also incredibly easy to use as well and sometimes can be used for prank dial video. Since there are so many video editing applications available in the market, picking the right one may get a little tricky. That is why we have handpicked the top 5 such applications for the Mac users.


iMovie, by far, is the best video editing software for the Mac users (or for that matter all amateur users of any OS platform). It is indeed the most widely used video editing app and has earned some really rave reviews from its users. Available for 14.99 USD in the Apple store, this app is truly good for creating short movies and even personal videos. The huge collection of transitions and effects will definitely impress you. Coming straight from the house of Apple Inc, this app had to be the best of all.


Although not exclusive to Mac, this incredibly powerful video editing software has made its name among the video creators. Whether you are creating personal or semi-professional videos, this video editor can make the job quite easy for you. It comes with a number of features including multi-cam editing, tons of real time effects, impressive transitions and much more. With amazing support for background I/O and easy to use interface, Lightworks makes your video editing work quite a breeze.

Quick Time

QuickTime is one of the finest video editors to be ever created by Apple Inc. The best thing about this app is that its media framework is extensible and it can handle several video formats, sounds, pictures, and interactivity. It is compatible with all the iOS and Mac OS based devices. This app has proven particularly good at dealing with the MOV files. Loaded with a slew of features, QuickTime has been the preferred choice of many video editors all over the world.

Voilabits Video Editor

Vilabits is a rather advanced application for managing and editing videos. There are several features that make it extremely popular. It allows for background play of the music and customized editing of the videos. The interface is very user friendly and intuitive. You can easily trim, cut, and merge the videos with its operating tools. The editor allows you to convert the video formats so that they can be played on a number of devices.

Adobe Premiere Elements 13

Adobe Premier Elements 13 is a video editing application designed exclusively for the Mac users. It has been developed by the Adobe Systems. It allows you to handle and manage unlimited number of videos and audio tracks. It comes with many interesting features including key-framed effects, chroma-key and picture-in-picture effects. The interface is quite friendly and easy to use.


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