SQL reporting software allows companies and organization to get better understanding of entire business. Companies can share their visualized report in meaningful dashboards and create automated reports using this reporting tool. They can easily explore, analyze and report with just few clicks with the help of this tool. With the help of SQL reporting tool, you can make a most meaningful report with the help of pie charts, line charts and bar graphs to determine trends and relationship between data. So let’s discuss the most popular SQL reporting tools.

Popular SQL Reporting Tools

Eclipse Birt

It is an open source software project that provides BIRT technology platform to form data visualizations and reports that embed rich client and web application that are based on Java and Java EE. It is a top-level software project within the Eclipse Foundation.


Pentaho not only used for reporting purpose but it is also used for data mining for predictive analytics applications. Bells and whistles are needed to move to the Enterprise Edition of Pentaho.


ReportServer is an open source server that gives quite scalable and flexible open source reporting and dashboard environment. This server supports various tools such as JasperReports, SAP Crystal Reports reporting engines and Eclipse Birt and also have its own ad-hoc oriented reporting tools.

Spago BI

In this tool, huge collection of open source software are brought together to create a wide business intelligence capability. SpagoBI also covers other domains such as BPM and data mining.


JasperReports is a stand-alone reporting server to provide reporting and analytics that can be embedded into a web or mobile application. It is operated as central information for the enterprise to provide critical information on a real-time or scheduled basis to the mobile device, printer, browser, or email inbox in different file formats


It is free reporting tool that gives free open source utilities to provide report creation by using different types of database platforms. It supports the scheduling of NextReports and Jasper reports and delivers reports through E-mail, FTP, Windows Share and SSH.


With the help of SQL reporting software and web based reporting tool, you can create and understand report very easily and quickly with minimal IT involvement. So choose the best tool to increase the ROI of your BI project and to deliver high quality product to the clients.


This article includes information on SQL reporting software and web based reporting tools. Read more to find out some popular SQL reporting tools.


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