Apple’s launch of the latest iOS 13 has really proven why Apple is at the top. They have a wide variety of features that they have pushed into the market and overwhelmed the competition. If you have already upgraded your iPhone with the new iOS 13, you should get to know these features intimately if you want to really take advantage of them.

Here we list some of the features that Apple has introduced and how to use them.


Siri is more powerful than ever in the new iOS 13 and offers you a whole lot more than what it used to. Now you can ask Siri to play a whole selection of radio stations. All you have to do is to say “hey Siri” and complete the sentence with the name of the radio station. If you have allowed access to radio stations, then Siri will immediately start playing it for you. Siri is now collaborating with various online radio providers so you can stream your radio station. Just say the word! Literally!


One of the most awaited feature in iOS 13 is the dark mode. Now that it’s here, you don’t have to be blinded by your phone first thing in the morning as you check up on previous activities. Save your corneas by enabling the Dark Mode and change your iPhone’s white areas to a darker tone. Once this change is applied, it will affect all the system apps which include Safari and iMessages. Apple is also asking all of its developers to add compatibility to dark mode in all their iPhone and iPad apps.

Just open the settings panel and scroll down until you see Display and Brightness. You will find a few dark themes that you can choose from. Just tap the tick box next to each theme and see which one you like. You can also enable automatic toggle if you want to adjust your iPhone’s theme according to the time of day. Just select what time you want the dark theme to be enabled every night and when should the iPhone return to normal theme in the morning.


You can use Siri Shortcuts to assign specific tasks to your assistant Siri. Even though Siri has been a part of iOS for a long time, iOS 13 has really pushed it into the limelight and given it its own app. Just tap the shortcuts app and tap the create shortcut button. It’s as simple as that. Siri can also automatically detect what you need to do according to changing contexts. So it can call your spouse when you’re leaving the office or share your location automatically. If you don’t know any shortcuts, there are some predefined shortcuts that you can use until the time you make your own.


Are you tired of using your Facebook account or your Google account for every app? Now you have the additional choice of logging on with your Apple account. This relieves you from sharing your personal information with each app. When trying to log in to an app, just see if it has the Apple Sign In option in the opening splash. Just tap the option and you will be asked to enter your Apple account. You can also select how much of your personal information do you want to share with the app. For example, if you don’t want to share your email address, you don’t have to. Apple will just generate a random email address for you that will forward any mail from that app to your Apple iCloud email address. This greatly enhances your security and privacy.



Whether Apple maps was your go-to map or not, you are about to change your preference. Apple has greatly improved its map by including more roads, buildings and other details. Now the map is vastly comprehensive and contains loads of new features. You now have a favorites list where you can add your locations. You can create lists to organize your favorite locations. These lists are called collections and you can have multiple collections with multiple locations in each.


If you were addicted to Google Street view, you now have a newer addiction. That is Apple Look Around. It allows you to view the location before you go there. Just go to your desired location in the Apple Map and press and hold. If Look Around is supported on that location, you will see the image. If you want to jump down streets in a single bound then just tap it. Drag the map to move around. You can also view the facts about the location that you have selected and even add it to your collection.

Apple still doesn’t have the kind of coverage that Google has but it has promised that by the end of 2019, it will have covered all of the United States and other countries will be next on the list.

These are just a few of the more prominent features that Apple has launched in iOS 13. See how you like them and let us know.

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