Nowadays, Android rooting has become a very common procedure. Almost everyone who are familiar with the term Android Rooting will root their Android device, within just a couple of days of purchase. Its mainly because rooting gives users more customizable options and features over their Smartphone.

If you own a Sony Xperia P Android Smartphone running Android 4.1 Jellybean, today we’re here with a detailed guide on how to root Sony Xperia P running Android 4.1 Jellybean.

Rooting Sony Xperia P on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS


Below are some warning information that you should know before rooting your Sony Xperia P Android Smartphone:

Rooting of Android Smartphone is not an authorized process. And as a result, you’ll lose all your warranty benefits over your Smartphone after rooting it.

You’ll no longer receive any official firmware or either software updates after rooting your Android Smartphone.

We are not responsible if your Smartphones gets damaged during or after the rooting process. Therefore, only proceed at your own risk.


Below are some prerequisite procedures to follow before rooting your Sony Xperia P:

Unlock the bootloader by following the instructions in this link.

Download the Superuser kit from here.

Download the kernel kit from here.

How To Root Sony Xperia P Running Android 4.1 Jellybean:

Below is the detailed tutorial on how to root Sony Xperia P:

First of all, extract the downloaded superuser and kernel kits.

And then, identify the “.elf” type file and simply copy/paste it into the ADB folder.

And now, power off your Sony Xperia P and boot into boot mode by pressing Volume Up+Power keys at the same time.

Now, connect your Smartphone to the computer.

And now, go to ADB and locate the “.elf” type and file and then open command prompt.

In the command prompt window, type the command “fastboot flash boot” with kernel name “.elf”.

Now CWM has been successfully installed on your Sony Xperia P.

Now copy/paste the kernel kit to the external storage of your Smartphone.

And now, disconnect your Smartphone from the computer.

Boot into recovery mode by pressing Volume Down+Home keys.

Now, from recovery mode choose “Install ZIP From SD Card” and choose the kernel kit.

And now, the kit will be installed on your Smartphone.

Go back and click on “Reboot System Now”.

Congratulations, you have now successfully rooted your Sony Xperia P Android Smartphone


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