The Celkon A9+ is a low-end Android smartphone from Celkon, that came with the low-end specifications and thus the pricing. The spreadtrum SC6820 chipset doesn’t do a real good job in providing a neat performance, and you cannot expect more than that, unless you are doing some core stuff like rooting it and then installing some lighter ROMs so that the interface becomes faster and this would even be helpful if you don’t like the stock ROM which is provided by Celkon in the Celkon A9+.

Rooting Celkon A9+ has its own advantages and disadvantages, with the main latter one being the voiding of warranty, but if you are okay with that, rooting would enable the phone to receive any custom ROMs, install latest firmware updates manually although the company might not have sent it, and a lot more stuff.

Root Celkon A9+ Android Phone


You need to download this Root tool for the Celkon A9+ rooting – link

Connect your phone to the computer and enable the USB debugging in the Celkon A9+

Remember to have the drivers installed in your computer, and once you are done with that the computer would have already detected the

phone when it is connected via the USB connection

Extract the downloaded zip file and then open Runme.bat file

This would open a command prompt and you need to press an option, and here you need to enter “1” and press enter

The normal mode will be activated and the ID of the device would be shown and it would reboot once the process completes

Once the reboot is completed, you can check with the Root Checker application whether the rooting happened successfully or not.

How to Unroot Celkon A9+

If at all you thought the rooting was not a right thing to do on your smartphone and you are facing some extra issues than before, you can use this same root tool to unroot the phone. Just follow the above procedure, but instead of entering 1, enter “x” and press enter.

This would unroot the Celkon A9+. Do comment below if you face any issues.


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