After Google bought Motorola, Google and Android enthusiasts were waiting for the first Smartphone under the collaboration of Google’s software and Motorola’s hardware to release. And finally, the Motorola Moto X was released a couple of months ago. Despite its mid-range hardware specifications, what caught the eyeballs over the Moto X is its software enhancements and user-friendly customizations.

Even though the Motorola Moto X comes with a near-to-stock version of Android, you can root it and still install custom ROM’s of your choice. And if you’re out seeking for the best tutorial on how to root Motorola Moto X Smartphone, then today we’re here with a simple and detailed tutorial on how to root Motorola Moto X Android Smartphone.


Below are some warning statements that you should go through, before attempting to root Motorola Moto X:

Rooting is an unauthorized process. And hence, you’ll lose all your warranty benefits over your Motorola Moto X after rooting it.

We are not responsible if you damage your Motorola Moto X during or after completing the rooting process. Hence, proceed at your own risk.

You may not receive any official software or firmware updates once you root your Motorola Moto X and install a custom ROM.


Below are some prerequisite procedures to follow before trying to root your Motorola Moto X Android Smartphone:

Make sure that your Motorola Moto X has at least 80% of battery backup.

Make sure that you’ve enabled USB Debugging on your Motorola Moto X.

Make sure that you’ve already downloaded and installed USB Drivers for Motorola Moto X on your PC.

Go to this link and download the respective .apk file depending on your carrier or region specific Motorola Moto X.

How To Root Motorola Moto X Android Smartphone:

Below is the detailed and simple tutorial on how you can root Motorola Moto X Android Smartphone:

First of all, connect your Smartphone to the computer.

And now copy/paste the .apk file that you downloaded earlier to the internal storage space of your Motorola Moto X.

Now go to Settings from your Smartphone.

Under Settings, click on the Personal option.

Click on “Install Apps From Unknown Sources” option which can be found under the “Device Admin” section.

Now head to the Google Play Store and download the “ES File Explorer” application.

After the file explorer has been installed on your device, use the explorer to locate the .apk file that you placed into the internal storage of your Smartphone earlier.

Now click on the .apk file and install the application to your Smartphone.

Now run the application, and wait for the rooting process to complete.

Once the rooting process is completed, head over to Google Play Store again and download and install the “SuperUser SU” application.

Once you download and install the SuperUserSU application from the Google Play Store, again reboot the Smartphone manually to complete the rooting process. Congratulations, you have now successfully rooted your Motorola Moto X Android Smartphone. In case of any doubts or suggestions, please leave them as comments below.


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