Karbonn is yet another rising Android Smartphone manufacturer, from India. And many of their recent Android Smartphone releases were successful, and people are starting to like Android Smartphone manufactured by Karbonn.

Well, their Android Smartphones may not be as feature-packed, as the flagship devices from big brands like Samsung or HTC. But, they surely give bang for the buck, and you probably won’t regret in buying their Smartphones.

Well, if you own a Karbonn A1+ Android Smartphone, and if you want to boost up the performance of your Karbonn A1+, then we’re here to help you out. You can easily root your Smartphone, and install a custom ROM to boost up performance.

And today, we’ll be guiding you through a detailed tutorial on how to root your Karbonn A1+ Android Smartphone.


Before we actually proceed into the rooting guide, below are some warning information that you should know:

Rooting your Android Smartphone is an un-authorized process.

Rooting your Smartphone will void its warranty. Hence you’ll enjoy no warranty benefits over your Karbonn A1+ after rooting it.

You’ll no more receive any official firmware or software updates on your Smartphone, after rooting it.

We’re not responsible if you brick or damage your Karbonn A1+ during or after the rooting process. Hence, proceed at your own risk.

Follow the rooting guide carefully, else you’ll end up damaging your Smartphone.


Below are some prerequisite procedures to follow before rooting your Karbonn A1+ Android Smartphone:

Make sure that your Smartphone has at least 80% of battery backup.

Make sure that your computer has USB Drivers for Karbonn A1+ installed. Else install it.

Enable USB Debugging on your Karbonn A1+ from the settings panel.

Download the Root Kit for your Karbonn A1+, from here.

Take a backup of your Smartphone. Read our article on how to backup personal data/settings on your Android Smartphone.

Root Karbonn A1+ Android Smartphone:

Finally, lets move on to the tutorial on how to root your Karbonn A1+ Android Smartphone:

First of all, make sure that you’ve downloaded the Root Kit mentioned above.

Now connect your Karbonn A1+ to your computer.

And now, copy/paste the Root Kit to the internal storage of your Karbonn A1+ Android Smartphone.

Reboot your Smartphone.

And after your Smartphone completely loads up, go to your internal storage and click on the Root Kit that you earlier transferred to your internal storage earlier.

And now, it will ask you permission to install the app.

Confirm the request, and install the Root Kit on your Karbonn A1+ Android Smartphone.

And now, from your app drawer, simply click on the Root App that was installed.

And now, from the Root App, search for an option titled “Permanent Root”. Once you find that option, simply tap on the same.

Now, follow the on-screen instructions, and finally your Karbonn A1+ will be rooted.

Now, reboot your Smartphone and the rooting process is complete.

Finally, you have successfully rooted your Karbonn A1+ Android Smartphone. Now, you can install any custom ROM of your preference.


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