The HTC Desire HD users have been using the previous Android OS versions but the latest updates have made the device more buggy and the users have been facing quite a lot of problems in using the phone normally. This guide on how to Root HTC Desire HD would help you in rooting the device make the performance better, and this guide is taken from the source XDA Developers forum, so we are sharing this because we saw people there reporting that they could successfully root their Desire HD.

The HTC Quick Root tool is useful in rooting most of the HTC Android phones, so the HTC Desire HD rooting is no exception here, but rather than the other devices we are sharing this because there are users having trouble in using the device.

Note: Rooting your Android phone voids the warranty of the phone, and thus you should keep in mind that you are risking it if you are rooting the phone. Also, we are not responsible if the phone faces any problem.

Root HTC Desire HD – Requirements

To root the HTC Desire HD, you need to follow these instructions and ensure firstly that the smartphone has got a minimum charge of 75% or else the battery drained during the process would stop it there itself.

Enable the USB Debugging Mode on your HTC Desire HD by going to Settings > Manage Applications > USB Debugging and select it

Ensure that your device bootloader is unlocked, and it is not a locked device

Take a backup of the phone data as it would be lost after the rooting

Download the HTC Quick Root Tool – Click here

Procedure to Root HTC Desire HD

To root the HTC Desire HD, you need to follow the below steps after you have finished checking the requirements.

Extract the HTC Quick Root tool zip file which you downloaded

The drivers of the device have to be installed on the computer, and ensure that the USB debugging mode is turned on

Go to Settings > Power and ensure that the Fastboot option is disabled

Now, from the extracted folder open the HTC Quick Root.exe file

Only if the drivers of the device are installed on the computer, the tool will recognize the HTC Desire HD and show up after detection

If at all the device is not getting recognized, you need to reinstall the drivers and start the tool again

A new window would open once the device is detected and you can select the option “Root Device” and then wait for the process to complete.

This was an easy guide but you need to ensure you are fulfilling the requirements to root HTC Desire HD before starting the procedure.


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