Have you ever tried partitioning a hard drive in Windows 7? In order to partition a hard drive, the user must be logged in the Windows 7 as an administrator. For partitioning hard drive, there must be an unallocated i.e. the free space in the hard drive which the user expect the partition. In case, there is no unallocated space then users can simply shrink the existing partition or by deleting it or can even use some third-party portioning programs which are easily available.

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Before using a hard drive for Windows 7, user must install as well as partition it followed by its format. What basically we mean by partition? It significantly means that dividing the hard drive into parts and further making those parts available to the system’s OS. One of the most common ways to partition a hard drive is to give it a single partition. Does this seem to be technical? Windows provides a Windows 7 Disk Management tool which features a simple interface which helps in managing partitions as well as the volumes.

Let’s head turn over with a simple method to partition a hard drive in Windows 7.

1. The very first step which you need to follow is to open the Disk Management console. You need to type in diskmgmt.msc when the elevated command prompts.

2.A Disk Management Graphical view will open and users need to right-click on the free area followed by selecting New Simple Volume. This will start a New Simple Volume Wizard.
3.    A welcome page will open. You just need to read and click on NEXT.
4.   A Specify Volume Size page will open up specifying the minimum as well as maximum volume size within some limits of megabytes and allows the users to set  in  accordingly. Use the Simple Volume Size field for sizing the partition followed by NEXT.

5.  An Assign Drive Letter which is also known as Path Page will open up asking the user to specify for assigning the path or a drive letter followed by NEXT.
6.  Users must use the Format Partition page for determining the format of the volume and in order to choose they must click on Format This Volume along with the following settings followed by configuring them.

7. Now click on NEXT with confirming all your selected options followed by FINISH.
8. Finally the Windows 7 Disk Management tool will show the users the new partition as the space configured.

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You might be thinking that why partitioning your hard drive makes sense or what is the need to partition it? It is because most of the PCs feature a hard drive with single partition which makes it risky to keep all the data as well as the applications on a single partition. Partitioning your hard drive will simply help in your PC to treat all the files as different entities. So, now you have clearly partition a hard drive in Windows 7 which will help you to dual-boot the Windows as well as will keep your data safe.


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