The Xolo is one among the emerging Smartphone manufacturers in India, and has released a lot of budget friendly Android Smartphones without actually compromising the hardware specifications of the phone.

The Xolo Q2000 was released back in November and features some very impressive hardware specification list for the price tag. If you’re unaware of the hardware specification of the Xolo Q2000, below are some of the hardware specifications of Xolo Q2000 Android Smartphone:

5.5 inch 720p IPS LCD display with a PPI of 267.

1.3 GHz quad core processor.


8 GB internal storage space and MicroSD external storage expansion support up to 32 GB.

Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

13 MP rear camera with auto focus and LED flash.

2 MP front facing camera.

The specifications of the Xolo Q2000 are pretty impressive and the Smartphone just costs around R. 15,000 in India.

If you own a Xolo Q2000 Android Smartphone and if you would like to root it, then we’re here today with a detailed tutorial that takes you through the steps required to root Xolo Q2000 Android Smartphone.


Below are a few warning statements for you to go through before we begin the rooting tutorial:

Rooting of Android Smartphones is not an authorized process and might void the warranty of your Smartphone. Hence, you might lose all warranty benefits over your Xolo Q2000 once you root it.

Rooting of Android Smartphones is a complex process and may end up damaging your Smartphone. Hence, proceed at your own risk only.

We are not responsible even if you damage or brick your Xolo Q2000 during or after completing the rooting process.


Below are some prerequisite procedures to complete prior to rooting your Xolo Q2000 Android Smartphone:

Make sure that your Xolo Q2000 has at least 80% of battery backup.

Make sure that you’ve already installed USB Drivers for Xolo Q2000 on your PC before proceeding to root it.

Enable USB Debugging on your Xolo Q2000. The setting can be found under Developer Settings in your Smartphone.

Download the root kit to your PC from here.

How To Easily Root Xolo Q2000:

Now that you’ve completed the prerequisites section above, below is the detailed tutorial on how to easily root your Xolo Q2000 Android Smartphone:

First of all, connect your Smartphone to the PC.

Then extract the root kit that you downloaded earlier from your PC.

Now go to the extracted root kit folder.

From the root kit folder, run the “Run.bat” file.

Now, a new command prompt window will appear.

Read the on screen instructions and then press any key to begin the rooting process.

Make sure that your Smartphone stays connected to the PC throughout the rooting process.

Once the rooting process completes, you will receive the success message in your PC.

Now again press any key from your keyboard to exit the command prompt window and your Smartphone will be restarted automatically.

Wait for the reboot process to complete successfully.

Congratulations, you have now successfully completed rooting your Xolo Q2000 Android Smartphone. I hope you found this tutorial helpful. In case of any doubts or queries, please leave them as comments below.



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