Best Zombie Games for PS3 in 2014


Zombie games are the latest trend in gaming. And there are a lot of popular zombie game titles for widely used gaming consoles like the Playstation 3 [PS3]. If you are a fan of zombie games, and if you are feeling as if you are running out of titles for zombie games to play on your PS3, then today we are here with a list of the best zombie games for PS3 that you can have some worthy time playing!

Zombie Games for PS3:

As I said above, here are our top picks that we feel best suits this list of the best zombie games for PS3 that are currently available to purchase and enjoy on your PS3:

1. Dead Nation:


Dead Nation is a Playstation exclusive game title, that has been garnering a lot of positive reviews and responses lately. Dead Nation is developed by Housemarque, which is also behind yet another popular game title, Super Stardust HD.

There are ten different, yet super-exciting levels in this game, and the game allows you to choose between a list of zombie types and several weapons to increase or decrease the difficulty. Dead Nation also offers an online mode.

If you are a fan of extreme zombie type games, then you should not miss Dead Nation as well.

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2. The Walking Dead:


The Walking Dead is yet another popular game title available for the PS3 console, that fits into the zombie shooting game category. In this game, you play as Lee, who supposes to be a convicted murderer. You save a girl during a zombie apocalypse in Georgia, and you along with a group of escaped survivors from the zombie outbreak, now has to find a way out safely.

The Walking Dead has also received widespread popularity and several recognitions for its gameplay and story line as well.

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3.  Resident Evil 5:


A Few years back, if you wanted to check out a zombie game, for PS3, there were only a few attractive game titles available, that fitted into the category, and the Resident Evil series is one among them.

Those who played the Resident Evil 4 might not feel a big shift in terms of overall gaming experience. However, the Resident Evil 4 has brought in several improvements in the gameplay and story in order to positively improve the game than its previous iterations, and to better fit this game title according to today’s standards.

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4. Dead Space 2:


The Dead Space was not the best zombie game out there, when it was released and it had its own flaws as well. However, keeping the principles of the original game, the developers had tried their best in fixing the flaws of the game with the latest Dead Space 2.

The overall gameplay and story is fascinating and at times breathtaking too. If you are out there to check out the latest types of zombie games, then the Dead Space 2 game won’t be disappointing you.

Final Words:

That was our list of the best zombie games for PS3. What’s your favorite zombie game, for PS3?

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