WhatsApp Releases Desktop Apps For Windows and Mac


If you remember, Facebook owned WhatsApp made its messaging services available for desktop users via web last year. Users really enjoyed these services by just scanning this QR code from their WhatsApp mobile phone.

whatsapp app desktop

Of course, there were some restrictions added to it. WhatsApp web was not available for Apple users due to strict encryption by Apple.

After 16 months of releasing WhatsApp web services, now Facebook has released a WhatsApp app for Desktop users. In clear words, you can now install WhatsApp app on your desktops. This sounds great and fascinating!

Fortunately, this time Facebook has absolutely made sure that Apple users can also enjoy its services. Therefore, the app is now available for Windows 8 and above as well as for Mac OS * 10.9 and above.

Using WhatsApp on desktop is a piece of cake. Once users download and log in to the application, they have to scan a QR code via their WhatsApp mobile phone. All the contacts and messaging list will be displayed on the desktop screen. Users don’t need to worry about the security of their personal chats, WhatsApp has taken care, end to end encryption is added to the their desktop version too. So, now you can keep your tensions aside.

This news seems to be small, but it derives some amazing benefits to Facebook – I guess the more places you can open it, the more you’ll use it. There are almost 1 billion users already, I am sure after this WhatsApp will turn out to be a huge success for Facebook. Let’s wait and watch.

I have used WhatsApp on my desktop, I found it to be fast and irresistable to use. Of course, people will take time to accept it, but once they do… You know the rest.

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