WhatsApp Plus v4.86 D Released – Features, Change Log and APK download

WhatsApp Plus v4.86

Very soon after the v4.82 of the Whatsapp Plus app was released, the developers sent yet another update, which is the Whatsapp plus v4.86 and this came with a very few changes because the Whatsapp plus v 4.82D has a lot of improvements already and bug fixes, and as the 4.82 also had a few minor bugs, so those were fixed in the new version.

WhatsApp Plus v4.86

The Whatsapp plus 4.86 version is working with the Android 4.4.x with the ART, and this is the new compatibility added in this version, as the earlier one wasn’t compatible with the ART Android 4.4.x kitkat OS. The earlier versions had some major changes like the right to left languages, i.e. Arabic and Hebrew were supported, and the issues of force closing of Whatsapp plus were fixed when the app opens or when the user shares their location.

Check out the previous versions of Whatsapp plus if you wished to download any of them:

For installing the Whatsapp plus app, you need to keep in mind that the app won’t install if you already are using the standard official version of whatsapp. You will need to backup the data of whatsapp and then delete the app, before you transfer the apk file to the phone and then install the whatsapp plus, which would also restore all the data from the backup you took.

* Before trying to install the app, go to Settings > Developer / Application settings based on the phone and there you need to enable the option to install the third party apps / external apps.

Download whatsapp plus 4.86 apk

Here is the download link for the latest version of whatsapp plus: Link

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