Top 5 MODs To Boost Performance Of Your Android Smartphone

top 5 custom mods for android

The biggest advantage of owning an Android device is that you can install various mods, custom ROM’s and kernels on your Android device after rooting it. And installing such custom built ROM’s and scripts on your Android Smartphone can boost up its performance by two to three times.

Won’t you like to boost up the performance of your Android Smartphone? Well, if you want to, then today we are here with a list of the top 5 mod’s to boost performance of your Android Smartphone.

Best MODs to Boost Android Phone Performance

top 5 custom mods for android

1. Pure Performance X:

The Pure Performance mod is built by one of the top XDA member “Jeeko” and belongs to the “Pure Series”. According to its developers, it is one of the best custom ROM best built for performance boost.

This ROM does help in boosting the speed of your Android device with a lot of customizations and very less number of bugs available.

Features of this mod include Android UI customizations, better RAM management, lightweight coding and scripts, improved graphics processing, better data connectivity, and much more customizations for a lag free comfortable user experience.

2. Pure Graphics+Rendering Version:

This custom mod also belongs to the “Pure Series” mentioned above and brings in much more advanced customizations in the software department and also tremendously boosts the graphics performance.

Features of this custom mod include advanced GPU rendering, Dithering support, Better video renders, support for high end games, boosts benchmark results, decreases lags and stutters and also improves software UI stability.

3. Pure Audio Engine:

Again, a subsidiary of the “Pure Series”, the Pure Audio Engine brings in much customizations from the Dr. Dre and DJ Lorenz audio engines. This custom audio engine mod uses scripts from various other popular Audio Engines as well like xLoud, Sony Audio etc., which boosts up the clarity and sound output.

Features of this custom mod include a much clearer sound output, less track noise, compatible with headphones without 60 KHz support, More powerful bass etc.

4. Viper 4 Android Audio Effects:

Yet another Audio enhancing custom mod developed by Viper520 and ZhuHang, and brings in many custom effects and advanced features and sound enhancements to your Android device.

The features include a better speaker optimization, best surround sound effect, surround effect with headphones on and auditory system protection.

5. ACID Audio Engine:

The ACID Audio Engine brings a very impressive set of audio enhancements to your Android device along with better overall sound quality.

Features of this custom mod include better sound enhancements, clearer audio output, speaker audio output enhancements, optimizations for better audio output via headphones etc.

Final Words:

Well, that was a short list on the top 5 mod’s to boost performance of your Android Smartphone. Have you been using any of these custom mod’s?

Or do you want to suggest some other high performance custom mod’s? Do share your views and opinions below as comments.

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