Top 5 FAQ’s About Samsung Galaxy S4 With Answers!

Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is, without any doubt the most anticipated and the most hyped Android Smartphone of 2013. The device has already broken many sales records, and people are loving it.

Even though we expected something more from Samsung Galaxy S4 this year in terms of design, they compensated the issue by boosting the hardware performance and software features of the device. Even though the device has been reviewed many times by all popular media, people still have some doubts and questions about Samsung Galaxy S4‘s hardware and software.

And today, we have made a list of Top 5 Frequently Asked Question’s about Samsung Galaxy S4 with answers.

If you’ve already bought the Samsung Galaxy S4 or if you’re planning to get your hands over it soon, then this article will surely help you erase away all your questions about Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4

1. Does The Samsung Galaxy S4 Really Have A Single 8 [Octa] Core Processor?

Well, this is the most asked question about Samsung Galaxy S4. That whether the Samsung Galaxy S4 really has a single 8 core processor or no.

Well the truth is that the Samsung Galaxy S4 does not have a single octa-core processor, and this is clearly stated in the specifications list. Instead, the device has two Quad-core processors. One of which is a 1.6 GHz Quad-core processor and the other one a 1.2 GHz Quad-core processor.

Yes, both these processors do work, but depending on how you use the device. For example, when you’re browsing the web or playing small games, then the 1.2 GHz Quad-core processor will be working. And when you start to play high-end games like Nova 3, or run too many apps in the background, then the 1.6 GHz Quad-core processor starts to function. Thus preventing performance issues.

2. How Does The Air-Gestures Work?

Well, Air Gestures are surely one of the most fascinating features of the Samsung Galaxy S4. But some users face difficulty while using Air Gestures, or they simply doesn’t know how to function them.

The Air Gestures are functioned with the help of sensors, which are connected to the front-facing camera of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Hence, your gestures need to be parallel to the front-facing camera, then only your gestures will be captured. And the distance between your hand and the device should not be more than 2cm.

3. Does The S-Health App Need A Data Connection?

The S-Health application is a very good health monitor and one of the innovative features of the Samsung Galaxy S4. It monitors your diet and exercising habits, and also counts the steps you take. However, the most commonly asked question about the S-Health application is that whether it needs a data connection to be used.

And the answer is NO! The application does not require a data connection and can be used anytime, anywhere 😀

4. Will I Get A Wireless Charging Pad When I Buy A Samsung Galaxy S4?

The wireless charging feature was a very interesting one, when we saw it in the Nokia Lumia 920. And we already knew that wireless charging was coming to the Samsung Galaxy S4.

And yeah, now you can charge your Samsung Galaxy S4, but sadly you don’t get a wireless charging pad when you buy a Samsung Galaxy S4. Instead, you’ll have to purchase one separately.

5. Will I Lose The Gesture Features If I Root My Samsung Galaxy S4?

The gestural features are surely one of the key selling point for the Samsung Galaxy S4. And users fear that whether they’ll lose these gestural features, if they root their Samsung Galaxy S4.

Well yes, you may lose the gestural features if you install custom ROM’s like Cyanogenmod, which does not support gestural features. And there are many custom ROM’s which supports gestural features of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

But even if you install Cyanogenmod in your Samsung Galaxy S4, you can get back the gestural features by using a third-party script, which can be found on various rooting forums related to Samsung Galaxy S4.

So this was the Top 5 FAQ’s About Samsung Galaxy S4 and their answers. If you liked this article, please do share your views in the comment section below and please share this article too.

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Akhil Pulotil

Charmie - July 6, 2013

Hey Akhil,
Well I am not that fortunate to have an S4 right now :P. Jokes apart, very nice research work and an informative bunch of facts.

Thanks a lot for keeping us updated. 🙂


    Akhil Pulotil - July 6, 2013

    Hello Charmie,
    Thanks for your comment 😀
    I hope you buy the Galaxy S5 when it gets released ! 😀

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