Top 5 Apps for Accurate Indian Weather Forecast

BBC Weather

Thanks to advancement in the realm of information technology, getting weather updates in real time has become a cakewalk. Weather is a geographic centric phenomenon that keeps changing from one latitude to another and is different on different longitudes. Given the significant impact that ever-changing weather patterns can have on our day-to-day activities, having a potable weather app has become a popular choice among contemporary people. Today market is stormed with numerous state-of-the –art weather applications that meet both forecasting and accuracy needs of its users. Having cognizance of growing demand for such astute apps, we have compiled a list of reliable and advanced weather apps that will provide your accurate weather information—so even if weather is miserable you’ll be prepared to face the outcomes.



SkyMet is one of the leading weather applications in India, known to provide reliable weather forecast, around the year. Apart from weather news, you also get tips and advice on health related topics. This app is gaining popularity for its hassle free functionality and weekly reports on weather on changing weather patterns around the world. The stylish way in which it offers weather information has earned it some brownie points. Moreover, the app provides weather information in 8 Languages including Hindi, English, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Odiya, Tamil and Telugu. SkyMet is anything and everything that you would like to know about weather.

Price: Free to install

Requires: Android 3.0 and up

Google Play Link: SkyMet



Climatip is a concise weather app that indicates temperature by a colour-coding system—blue for cold and red for hot. The app also provides tips on sensible dressing, precautions, warnings, etc. However, these limited features of the app are its strengths as well as drawback.

Price: Free to install

Requires: Android 2.2 and up

Google Play Link: Climatip

BBC Weather

BBC Weather

BBC is considered one of the most reliable sources for weather-related updates, so BBC weather app recently launched by the group, has become an obvious choice for many. BBC weather apps is packed with plenty of features and offers icon-based weather information including sunrise and sunset times, temperature, speed of the wind, etc.

Price: Free to install

Requires: Compatible with almost every operating system

Google Play Link: BBC Weather

Arcus Weather

Arcus Weather

Arcus weather is a simple, sleek and monochromatic weather app. The app primarily provides information on temperature and rain. Information available in the combination of texts and colourful icons makes for practical and visually appealing designs. Moreover, you will find temperature graphs and weather notifications on the go.

Price: Free, $1.49 for ad-free version

Requires: varies with devices

Google Play Link: Arcus Weather



AccuWeather is very much one of the best options for weather nerds. The app may look a little complicated in the beginning and might even take you couple of hours to get hold of it, but once you understand its functionality, you will find this app impressive to behold. The app provides daily temperature updates along with daily reports, such as sunny, raining, cloudy etc. Although a bit complicated, AccuWeather provides clear and concise weather information.

Price: Free

Requires: Android 2.2 and up

Google Play Link: AccuWeather

Although these are some popular weather application in the market, choosing an app for your use is solely your decision. Make sure to read customer reviews and ratings before installing any weather app in your phone.

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