Sony Xperia M vs Samsung Galaxy Core Comparison – Specs, Pricing

Sony Xperia M vs Samsung Galaxy Core

The Sony Xperia M and the Samsung Galaxy Core are two similar devices, with the pricing being almost the same and the specs too, but they being from different brands, would be a confusion for the users to select from. The Xperia M although is sized at 4-inch with the TFT capacitive touchscreen, the Galaxy Core has a slightly bigger screen at 4.3-inch, and the pixel density of the Xperia M is better here because of the 480 x 854 pixels resolution, compared to the 480 x 800 pixels of the Galaxy core.

Talking about the processor, it’s the Galaxy core taking the advantage with the 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex A-5 processor, compared to the 1 GHz dual-core one in the Xperia M, but the GPU is better in the Xperia.

The camera quality is surely better in the Galaxy core as we tested it out, although Sony claims the Xperia M too has got a 5MP camera, which actually isn’t up to the mark even under the bright conditions.

Sony Xperia M vs Samsung Galaxy Core

A feature where the Galaxy Core is really better than the Sony Xperia M, is the internal storage which is just 2 GB in case of the Xperia M although the ROM is 4GB, user available is just 2GB, whereas there’s 8 GB of internal storage in the Core.

Specification Sony Xperia M Samsung Galaxy Core
Dimensions 124 x 62 x 9.3 mm 129.3 x 67.6 x 8.95 mm
Screen 4-inch TFT Capacitive 4.3-inch TFT Capacitive
Display 480 x 854 pixels, 245 PPI 480 x 800 pixels, 217 PPI
Processor ā€“ Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8227 Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Play MSM8625
Processor Dual core, 1 GHz, Krait Dual core, 1.2 GHz, ARM Cortex-A5
GPU Adreno 305 Adreno 203
OS Android 4.1 Android 4.1
Camera ā€“ Rear 5 megapixels, LED Flash 5 megapixels, LED Flash
Video Recording 720p 480p
Camera ā€“ Front VGA VGA
Internal Storage 4 GB, 2 GB available 8 GB
Storage expansion MicroSD, to 32 GB MicroSD, to 64 GB
Battery 1750 mAh 1800 mAh

Both the phones being same with the price (Rs. 13,000), the ultimate choice should be Galaxy Core because of the camera, the bigger screen and a good processor, but if you are someone who cares a little more about the design and would be fine with everything else, then the Xperia M is not a bad choice for you.

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Himi - December 5, 2013

sorry buddy i know it is going to be hurtful
but ur knowledge is very little about cpu’s
and android, krait processor used in xperia m is finest processor made by qualcomm bot cortex a5 and krait r made by quallcom cortex a5->cortex a7->cortex a8 ->cortex a9 -> cortex15-krait and one more thing that the gpu used in m (adreno 305 ) is one of the latest gpu’s and it supports open gl es 3.0 that is used in latest games and apps
and qualcomm claims that adreno 305 and up gives xbox graphics quality but the core’s gpu (adreno 203) is one of theweakest gpu’s present in market that was launched in 2010
adreno 200 -> adreno 200(enh)->adreno 203->adreno 205-> adreno 220 -> adreno 225 -> adreno 230 -> adreno 300 -> adreno 302 adreno -> adreno 305 -> adreno 320 -> adreno 330-> adreno 420
so gamers should not buy galaxy core
and antutu score of galaxy 6.3 k and xperia m score 11.6 k almost double
so cpu and gpu both are much better in xperia m than core
and sony has fixed the camera in their latest update

    DroidDoc - December 8, 2013

    Thank you for this large explanation but I don’t go with the base knowledge because I have tested both the smartphones in my hands and used them for a few days so I know how each of them perform. So I am afraid I will have to keep these stats aside and talk of the actual user experience, which is what matters for the end user.

BLAST22 - April 27, 2014

well, the information provided by Himi is correct.. basically a andreno 305 can easily beat a andreno 205. For all the other people out there thinking of buying either of them i would suggest the xperia m.Most people are into gaming and stuff so they will find xperia m much better otherwise the other one is good too if you are on basic daily things like watching video or using video camera šŸ™‚

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