How to Set up Auto Vacation Responder in Gmail for Android

Gmail Android Vacation Responder

We all love to take a break and while out on a vacation we don’t even want our work to hound us. But while going on a vacation you can’t inform one and all personally that you will be out of town. So if there is someone doing this job on your behalf then it will be mostly welcomed. Gmail has brought a Vacation Responder for your Android where you can leave a customize message stating your return date. If you want everybody to know about your vacation they will be receiving the auto generated mail informing them of your absence and when to expect a reply.

This app is really helpful as it won’t fill up your inbox with loads of mail as the people want a reply to their mail and when they are unable to find one they keep following you. This makes them irritated too and you might also lose out on business if you have missed out on informing them about your vacation plans beforehand. So, without wasting any more time setup the Vacation Responder and have a wonderful vacation.

The setup is really simple, follow the steps and you will be done with the installation.

Gmail Android Vacation Responder

Download the latest version of Gmail on your Android device for setting up the out of office message

  • When the update is installed, launch the app and go to the Settings section an select an account for which you want to setup the auto response
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the respective account’s settings page and you will find the vacation responder, click on it
  • First fill up the subject of your response which is followed by the body, then provide a start date and end date. You also need to select to whom you want to send the customized message, if you want to send this to everybody then don’t check the boxes. Now, when everything has been updated you just have to enable the responder.

The vacation responder option appears just under the Signature. So, finding it is also easy in the settings section. Another most attention-grabbing feature is that it will turn itself off automatically. If you want you can enable it for few people who are in your domain or to those people who are in your contact list.

It is helpful as sometimes you just rush out of your office to the airport to catch your scheduled flight. At that point of time, the only thing that comes to your mind is the flight timing and how you will be reaching airport within such a short period of time. But with the introduction of vacation responder, life will be much simpler as you will now be able to update the response through your android phones and don’t have to rely on your old PC anymore. This is a very important tool though it has some limitations but it is good enough to put across the important details to the concerned people.

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