How Samsung has redefined the Smartphone Industry?

Samsung Galaxy S5 Front

Samsung is leading company in smart phone industries. By introducing various highly featured phones, Samsung has placed its position at the top in the world of smartphone industries. Latest expected model of Samsung is Galaxy S6 which will be in the market in the last month of 2014 or in the beginning of 2015. We can put Galaxy S6 under the superphone category because it is a highly featured phone and maximum apps. And facilities are available like water and dust resistance, very sensitive touch screen etc.

In short Samsung smartphones are always fully loaded with treasure which smartphone lovers needed and that’s why Samsung is leading company in smartphone industries.

Samsung brings the revolutionary change in smartphones by adding most valuable features in it such as android, thousands apps., bigger screen, smarter and faster chips etc.,. Because of this, Samsung faced lots of competition from other companies of industries. Now all companies want to be 1st in the market and they are also trying to introduce smartphones as compared to Samsung phones. Samsung gets the advantage of introducing new innovations in the market. That’s why they are spending huge amount on R & D and advertising.Galaxy S4, S5, Note brought huge success for Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Front

All these models took Samsung form bottom to top and now Samsung becomes so healthy that can compete with Apple, Nokia, Lenovo, HTC etc. which are big players of smartphone industries. It boosts the morale of company and they got success in implementing innovative ideas and it brings revolutionary change in smartphone industries. Now, majority companies are walking on that way.

If we look at a glance at the future, Samsung has a great opportunity to cover more market share than today, because according to experts smartphone industry may rise up to 1 + billion units by 2018. So, it will become a very huge market in the future. Samsung can influence those parts of the world where their presence is weak at present. But with the increase in market new players also adding. It may be alarming sign for existing once. So, if they succeed in innovation, they can survive otherwise the market is not for everyone.

However, Samsung did a mistake by copying some ideas of Apple and it’s got to pay the penalty too. But overall performance is based on no. of units sold and Samsung phones have ample no. of owners, undoubtedly.

We can find from the above table that Samsung has pure dominance on the market of smart phones. It shows that Samsung has high market share in the world of smart phones and no. of models are very popular among smart phone lovers. It creates a brand image for Samsung that can pull huge profit from all over the world and faith in a product is also increased, no doubt that other players are now on fire but innovation is the only key to success for all.

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