How To Root Oppo N1 Android Smartphone Easily (Rooting Guide)

root oppo n1 easily

You might not be too much familiar with the brand “Oppo”. Oppo is a Chinese Smartphone OEM and unlike other Chinese OEM’s known for cheap hardware and crappy software, Oppo is very well known for their display technology, built quality and design as well.

The Oppo N1 is an Android Smartphone announced back in September of 2013. Some of the key attractions of the Oppo N1 are that it has a rotary 13 MP camera and the Oppo N1 is the first Android Smartphone to be released with Cyanogenmod by default. And a limited set of Oppo N1 Android Smartphones is already out there with the Cyanogenmod ROM running by default.

The hardware features of the Oppo N1 Android Smartphone includes a 1.7 GHz quad core processor, 2 GB of RAM, 5.9 inch Full-HD display, 13 MP rotary camera and an Adreno 320 GPU.

If you own a regular Oppo N1 Android Smartphone and if you’re interested in rooting your Oppo N1, then today we’re here with a detailed set of instructions on how to root Oppo N1 Android Smartphone easily.

root oppo n1 easily


Here are some warning information that you should read before you attempt to root Oppo N1 Android Smartphone:

  • Rooting of Android Smartphones tends to void its warranty. And hence once you root your Oppo N1 Android Smartphone, you’ll no longer enjoy any warranty benefits over your Smartphone.
  • We are not to be held responsible if you end up damaging your Oppo N1 Android Smartphone during or after completing the rooting guide.
  • We recommend you to take a backup of your Oppo N1 Android Smartphone so that if something goes wrong, you don’t lose any data.
  • You might not receive any official software or firmware updates once you root your Oppo N1 and install any custom ROM.


Below are some of the prerequisite procedures to complete before attempting to root Oppo N1 Android Smartphone:

  • Make sure that your Oppo N1 Android Smartphone has at least 80% of battery backup.
  • Download and install the USB Drivers for Oppo N1 on your PC.
  • Download the root kit from here.

How To Root Oppo N1 Android Smartphone Easily:

Below is the detailed guide on how to root Oppo N1 Android Smartphone easily:

  • Connect your Smartphone to the PC.
  • Copy/Paste the root kit that you downloaded to the storage space on your Oppo N1.
  • Disconnect your Smartphone from the PC.
  • Now, install the root kit on your Smartphone.
  • And then run the installed root kit from your Smartphone.
  • Follow the on screen instructions to begin the rooting process.
  • Once the rooting process completes reboot your Smartphone.
  • Then download and install the SuperUserSU application from the Google Play Store on your Oppo N1.
  • Now remove the application that you installed earlier in order to root your Oppo N1.
  • Once you remove the application, again reboot your Smartphone.

And you’re done. You have now successfully completed the procedures required to root Oppo N1 Android Smartphone easily. I hope you found this tutorial helpful and in case of any queries or doubts please do mention them below as comments so that we can respond and help you out in case.

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