How to Root Micromax Canvas 3D A115 – Rooting Guide & Step-to-Step Tutorial

Micromax Canvas 3D Rooting

Today, Micromax is one of the most popular Indian Android Smartphone manufacturer. Their Android Smartphones compete with global leaders such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, in the market. One such top notch Smartphone from Micromax is the Micromax Canvas 3D A115, with a 3D screen and the specifications being much like the other Android devices from Micromax. But having a 3D display would make you feel like installing such apps and interfaces which would look the best there.

Just like any other popular Android Smartphone out there, you can also root your Micromax Canvas 3D A115 and install any custom built ROM’s of your choice. And today, we’re here with a well-explained and detailed tutorial on how to root Micromax Canvas 3D A115 Android Smartphone.

Micromax Canvas 3D Rooting


Below are some warning statements that you should read before proceeding to root your Micromax Canvas 3D A115:

  • Rooting of Android Smartphones is not an authorized process. Hence you’ll lose all warranty benefits over your Micromax Canvas 3D A115 after rooting it
  • We are not at all responsible even if you damage your Micromax Canvas 3D A115 during or after the rooting process, but we will still try the best to help you if you comment with the issue you have got while rooting your phone
  • You’ll no longer be eligible to get official firmware and software updates on your Micromax Canvas 3D A115 once you root it and install any custom ROM


Below are some prerequisite procedures that you should follow before attempting to root your Micromax Canvas 3D A115 Android Smartphone:

  • Make sure that you have downloaded and installed USB Drivers for Micromax Canvas 3D A115 on your PC.
  • Make sure that your Micromax Canvas 3D A115 has at least 80% of battery backup.
  • Download the Root kit from here.
  • Make sure that you’ve already installed a custom recovery on your Micromax Canvas 3D A115.

How To Root Micromax Canvas 3D A115:

First of all, make sure that you have read and followed the warnings and prerequisites sections written above. Now, below is the simple and detailed tutorial on how to root Micromax Canvas 3D A115 Android Smartphone:

  • Download and place the root kit to the external SD card of your Smartphone.
  • Power OFF your Micromax Canvas #D A115.
  • Now boot into recovery by pressing the Volume Down+Power keys at the same time.
  • From the recovery menu, click on “Install ZIP From SD Card”.
  • Choose the root kit that you placed in the external storage earlier. And confirm the selection.
  • Now, the root kit will be installed on your Smartphone.
  • Return to the home menu of the recovery menu and click on “Reboot System Now”.

Congratulations, you have successfully rooted Micromax Canvas 3D A115.

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