How To Root LG G Flex Android Smartphone

LG G Flex

The LG started the new generation of the Smartphones. The Curved Screen! Yeah, if you haven’t heard about it, then you must be some other world I guess. The curved technology was on the spot hands on in the market. People warmly welcomed this phone and were very happy with the performance of it.

Still, some of them wanted  to take more out of this gadget. It has been loaded with the latest Sanpdragon 800 2.26GHz processor with 2 GB of RAM. But, rooting will definitely provide you much better processing and accessing to your phone and customization according to you as well to give this phone you kind of touch.

LG G Flex Rooting Guide

LG G Flex

The rooting of this LG G Flex is not very hard, but you need to take care of few things before rooting it. Here are some of the essentials to follow before beginning to root your LG G Flex Android Smartphone.

Prerequisite Procedures:

  • Firstly, keep your phone at least 80-90% charged before opting for rooting. If you wouldn’t then only you’ll be responsible to let your work go in vain anytime.
  • You need a PC installed with Windows not with other OS like Linux as this rooting can be done only with these Windows devices.
  • It is better to take all of your data like contacts, music and video files, images and everything else which you want with you after this process.
  • Now, turn on the USB debugging on your phone. You can find it at Menu>Settings>Developer Options>USB Debugging.
  • Finally, Install proper USB drivers with the original USB cable on your PC.

The next step is to get rooting tools on your PC. The below two will be needed in the course to complete the action.

Now, you’re all set to root and dig out more power from the already powered LG G Flex. Here are the few steps to make this task easier for you.

  • Once your rooting tool is downloaded, install it on your PC and connect your phone.
  • Launch VRoot file and press the root button to kick off the process.
  • After a few minutes you’ll get a message popping up that the process is complete.
  • Once you get this pop up all you need to do is nothing! Your phone will be rebooted by its own and you can safely remove your phone form the PC.
  • The next thing, you must download the SuperSu app on your rooted device from Google Play to keep the management handy on your phone in the next future. In case you do not unroot your phone!
  • Also, don’t forget to keep the auto binary update option on for this app and that’s all!

The CWM Recovery

  • First step is as same as above, to download and install the required files.
  • Copy and paste the installed file in the C drive of PC.
  • Now write the “cd  c:cwm” command on the command prompt after opening it by typing ‘cmd’ in the search option.
  • After entering into the CWM you need to type following commands.
  1. adb push recovery-clockwork-
  2. adb push recovery-clockwork-
  • Finally, your phone with extra power is ready and now you can enjoy your rooted device.
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