How to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 Exynos 5 Octa [International Variant]


The Exynos 5 octa core version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, is one of the most powerful Smartphones out there, without any doubt. However, you can still root your Samsung Galaxy S4, and add a Custom ROM, to experience the best Android experience possible.

If you’re interested in rooting your Samsung Galaxy S4, then here we are today with a simple and detailed tutorial on how to root your Samsung Galaxy S4.


Before we actually proceed into the rooting tutorial, below are some warning information, that you should know:

  1. Rooting your Android Smartphone voids its warranty. Hence, after rooting your Samsung Galaxy S4, it will no more enjoy its warranty benefits.
  2. Only use tools that we mention in this article.
  3. Please read and follow the rooting tutorial carefully, to avoid any possible damages to your Samsung Galaxy S4.
  4. We are not responsible, in case your Samsung Galaxy S4 gets bricked or damaged during the rooting process.
  5. If you feel any difficulty in understanding the rooting tutorial below, please clarify your doubts before proceeding with the rooting process.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Rooting Prerequisites:

Below are some prerequisite procedures to follow, before rooting your Samsung Galaxy S4:

  • Make sure that your Samsung Galaxy S4 has at least 80% of battery backup.
  • Make sure that your computer has USB Drivers of Samsung Galaxy S4 installed. Else, install it from here.
  • Download the root folder from here.
  • Download ODIN Flash tool from here.



Root Samsung Galaxy S4 Exynos 5 Octa [International Variant]:

Make sure you have properly read and followed the Warnings and Prerequisites sections, written above.

If yes, below is the tutorial to root your Samsung Galaxy S4 Exynos 5 Octa [International Version]:

  • Power off your Samsung Galaxy S4, and boot into Download Mode by pressing Volume Down+Home keys at the same time.
  • Now connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 to your computer, and run the ODIN Flash Tool that you downloaded earlier.
  • After you run the ODIN Flash Tool, the tool will automatically detect your Smartphone and you’ll see some model numbers appearing on the ODIN Tool’s screen.
  • If the ODIN Tool does not identify your Samsung Galaxy S4, try replugging or try a different port.
  • Once identified, click on the PDA button on the ODIN Flash Tool.
  • Now, navigate to the Root Folder that you downloaded earlier.
  • From the root folder, find the “CF-Auto-Root-ja3g-ja3gxx-gti9500.tar.md5” file and select it.
  • The above mentioned file should now be selected in the PDA bar.
  • Now, make sure that only “Auto-Reboot” , “F. Reset Time” are checked. If the “Re-Partition” option is checkeduncheck it.
  • Now verify whether you have correctly done the procedures listed above. If yes, then click the Start button on the ODIN Flash Tool.
  • Now the rooting process will begin. Don’t interupt or unplug the Smartphone during the rooting process.
  • Once the first bar at the top-left of the ODIN Flash Tool goes completely green, your Samsung Galaxy S4 will reboot. Indicating that your Smartphone has been successfully rooted.

Now, after the reboot. Your Smartphone is rooted, and you can install any apps or custom ROM’s that require root access.

I have tried to make this tutorial as simple as possible. Yet, if you feel any difficulty or confusion in the above written tutorial, please leave a comment below.

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