What is ODIN? How is it useful for Android Users & How to Use?

ODIN tool

ODIN is a software for the Windows OS, using which one can install or flash any firmware, OS, Kernels and play around with the Samsung Android phones. The updates to this tool are sent by Samsung, as the standard Windows upgrade tools, and as good for flashing this tool is, it can be that bad too if used improperly. You will have to know all the vulnerabilities of using this ODIN tool, because if you do it without knowledge, there are chances that your Samsung Android smartphone can get bricked. It comes as a common Windows GUI for flashing the kernels in the Android phones.

ODIN tool

According to a user in Stackexchange, here is what Odin means:

Odin is an internal Samsung tool used for flashing firmware to their devices (via Download mode, bypassing recovery etc.). Importantly, it also has the ability to repartition the device storage based on a .pit file, which can save you from softbricking (when flashing goes wrong and recovery/the bootloader fail).

As the ODIN tool works pretty well with the Samsung Galaxy S series devices, one should make sure they are not trying it riskfully on the other devices, although it might sometimes work fine but the consequences of the procedure going wrong, are real bad.

To use ODIN, you might not need any special requirements, as what you need is just the Samsung USB drivers, and those get installed when you connected your smartphone to the computer when the computer is connected to the Internet, and thus the drivers are usually downloaded.

ODIN won’t recognize all file types, but would work well with the .bin, or .tar or even .tar.md5 file types for the various ROMs.

How to Use ODIN tool

To use the ODIN, you need to download the latest version of its from the XDA developers forum, and then unzip the zip package, and it doesn’t matter where you are extracting it.

Now switch off your Samsung Android smartphone, and after 30 seconds while keeping the phone connected to the computer with the USB cable, press the Home, Power and Volume down buttons together to enter the download mode.

After this, there are several options given in ODIN, and it would depend on your need, that you take the next step from the list. In the various guides that we share here, you can learn what to do with ODIN for the particular flashing or activity in the Samsung phone.

Functionality & Buttons in ODIN


  • Re-Partition (checkbox)
  • F. Reset Time (checkbox)
  • Phone EFS Clear (checkbox)
  • Phone Bootloader Update (checkbox)

Buttons and files:

  • PIT (button to select a *.pit, *.xml file)
  • PDA (button to select *.tar, *.md5, *.smd file)
  • PHONE (button to select *.bin, *.tar, *.md5 file)
  • CSC (button to select *.tar, *.md5 file)
  • ETC (button to select ???)
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