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Nokia XL Gaming

The Nokia XL and Nokia X are powered by the Nokia X platform based on the Android OS, and for those who had a question in mind whether they can run Android apps and games on the Nokia X platform devices, they can for sure, and the main reason for that is – you can run the .apk files to install the apps, and its the same APK files which are used by users to install applications in the Android phones.

The other question that many had in mind is about the performance and response of high-end games in the Nokia X and Nokia XL, and that is why we played a few games to check it. One of them is the high-end game called Asphalt 8 which is one of the best games with good graphics, thus you would be able to assess how well the phone can play this game. For us, it was still quite good although we didn’t expect it to respond well given the processor and low RAM.

Nokia XL Gaming

Then we also played the Angry Birds game, one of the popular games for all ages. It also did well and there were no lags as such while playing it, unlike a few Android devices which see the bird moving slower due to delayed response of the phone.

Now, the reason why we did the gaming test on these devices is not just to check the performance of the game on the device, but also to see how well the graphics are shown on the display of the Nokia XL. Display wise, the phone is not that good because of the WVGA resolution, i.e. 480 x 800 pixels of screen resolution, but still you can expect the phone to do quite well when it is actually launched because the prototype is already doing an appreciable performance when trying to play the high-end games.

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