Motorola Moto X Device to be unveiled on 1st August – Invites Sent

Motorola Moto X Invite

The highly anticipated Moto X device from Google, which is going to represent the Android world as the next flagship device, is going to be unveiled on August 1st as Google is not going to make people wait more for it and they have sent the invites already with the unveiling date. People who were looking to own a good Android smartphone and who were already having the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One in mind can wait for a couple weeks after which they can welcome the new beauty from Motorola.

The invites were sent with the 1st August being the date and the place where the unveiling is going to be done, is New York. Recently there were leaked images which almost confirm the design of the Moto X as the invite has people holding a similarly designed device.

Motorola Moto X Unveiling Date – 1st August 2013

Motorola Moto X Invite

Unlike the previous Nexus and flagship devices that were made under the Google’s new Android OS versions, the Moto X is going to be made under Google’s own eyes because it’s Motorola, the company which was acquired by Google. Thus is the attention the device is getting prior to the release already.

Just like most of the other devices that came through Google, the Moto X is expected to be available at a price range of low xxx, i.e. like a price around $199 at which the Nexus 4 was available in the market, but while the rumors were around, there was a lot of disappointment with the specs because in a league where even Octa-core processors and 13-megapixel camera is something that is coming in every next device, it was told around that the Moto X is going to have a bit less than that.

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