How to make your Android Phone look like iOS / iPhone – 3 Easy Steps

Go Launcher iPhone Android

Android Launcher iPhoneIt is always nice to have Android smartphone which performs so many functions and it is even better when you turn your android smartphone into iOS then you will be getting the best of both the world. Look of one phone but the functions or the apps of both the phones. This type of customization is becoming more and more popular as you will be getting two in one device at the price of one, great deal, isn’t it!

When one device launches something new and very attractive then it is really hard to miss the fun just because you don’t own that high end mobile phone. But with the customization option you are now open to use any app you want it doesn’t matter whether it is an android phone you can still enjoy the apps of an iPhone without much difficulty. But one thing is for sure when you are using something which is not meant for your phone then there would be some hitches with which you need to get adjusted to else don’t go for the customization.

Install ADW / GO Launcher

This is the safest and also the most common way to get a look of iPhone on your Android phone. You will have to download and install ADW or a GO launcher. ADW or GO launcher both have their distinctive features with one common aspect and that is themes. In order to give your device a distinct look you will have to download a wide array of themes which include originals, clones, mash-ups and various others.

Go Launcher iPhone Android

Though it is considered to be the easiest one in regards to downloading and installing still very few people actually use it because the themes that comes with it is not of good quality. You have the option of paid themes but they are so expensive that you will end up paying more than the actual app so it is of no use. Another reason why this method doesn’t work is because of the rough edges that you will find on the themes. Still, if you want to try then you will get the link to download ADW/ GO launcher in Google search.

Flash ROM AndroidFlash MIUI ROM

This is also known as the iOS rip off but many has strong objection to this name. According to the rip-off fans MIUI has a distinct look that you might say has been inspired from iOS. It has rounded icon edges and the apps- drawer is also absent. You can flash MIUI which is a custom ROM to any rooted supported device. The procedure is not that complicated, you have gain the root access to your device, download MIUI and then boot in a custom recovery like the ClockworkMod, go through a factory rest, wipe cache and lastly flashing MIUI. This is quite popular because it is absolutely free and secondly it has some added features like enhanced music, gallery and camera apps and many other exciting features like these. Though the only difficulty with this is that it is not so easy to implement.

Espier Launcher

The Espier launcher provides a look of SpringBoard and it also functions like one. The themes in Espier come with search options which are resemblance Spotlight, have folders, jiggly mode and you can also uninstall in one click apart from various other options.


The Espier and Go launcher are the best among the three as it is easy to install and performs well too. So, try them out to give your android phone the look of an iOS.

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