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Ultimate iOS7 Launcher Android Phone Clock

The Ultimate iOS7 Launcher theme for Android is something that makes the Android look totally like the iOS 7. This is a theme for all the Android launchers which include the support for the GO Launcher EX, Apex, Nova, Next Launcher 3D, Smart Launcher, TSF Shell, ADW/EX, Action Launcher Pro, Atom Launcher, Holo Launcher HD, SS Launcher, and more.

It comes with no much limitation, because there’s almost all the icons that you see on an iOS 7 device, and the number is more than 2000, and along with that you get to see Holo-Apple style icons too. There are grey icons as well as Smart Launcher style graphics in the theme. One of the best part of the theme is that you get to see the entire iOS 7 wallpaper pack in this Android theme. These are all custom designed wallpapers, and they include Flagship, with Vivid, Rain, Girl, Nexus, Sun Beam, Neon Green Android, and Key Lime.

Ultimate iOS7 Launcher

Let’s check what all features the Ultimate iOS7 Launcher for Android has got:

  • Ultimate iOS 7 Icons Pack – More than 2200 icons, flat and minimal designed icons matching the iOS 7 icons
  • Bonus Holo-Apple Style Icons – These are the specially designed dock bar icons with a different design style
  • Ultimate iOS7 Wallpaper Pack – With the 6 wallpapers mentioned above
  • Cloud-based Wallpaper Picker – The wallpapers selected from the cloud won’t eat up the space on your device, except when you have to download them to use with some 3rd party apps
  • Switching between Wallpapers – The user can switch between the wallpapers provided by the app, by going to the Wallpapers > Ultimate iOS7 and select the wallpaper from there
  • HD support – The icons, wallpapers and everything designed comes with the XX-HDPI Full HD resolution, and this works well on the Android tablet devices too

Ultimate iOS7 Launcher Android Phone Clock Ultimate iOS7 Launcher Android Phone

There are a few bonuses too provided, one of them being the Ultimate iOS7 clock widget, which is the analog clock that can be added to one of the home screens as a widget (better than iOS 7 right? widget support). There are fully themed color options available on the theme.

The Ultimate iOS7 Launcher is available as a paid one on the Play Store, but you shouldn’t be worrying much as it costs $1, i.e Rs. 59.23 for the one-time download. It’s a pretty much recommended app if you are impressed with the iOS 7 theme and the interface, and wanted to have something like that on your Android phone.

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