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iOS7 Calculator App

iOS 7 does look decent, so does every app within it for getting some neater and better design, simple looking icons and interface in them. The Calculator app is one in them which does look quite neat, and the Android app developers didn’t miss out their chance in making something that would look similar on the Android device too. The calculator app comes with full landscape mode support too, and it looks no different than the iOS 7 one.

But to make things better than what you see in the actual Calculator app of the iOS 7, the sign changing button that you see in the portrait mode is replaced by the backspace button, which would come to good use when we need to delete one or a few digits instead of the entire number.

iOS7 Calculator App

The sign changing button would be shown in the landscape mode. The inverse trigonometric functions can be implemented by long pressing on the respective trigonometric functions. The app is very well made to be working fine on both the Android phones and tablets. But one necessity is that your Android device screen size has to be at least 4-inch for the app to work perfectly.

But for you to try out the app and get the feeling of iOS 7 on your Android device, you will have to pay $0.9 as it’s a paid app available on the Play Store. If at all you are looking to have the entire Android interface like that of the iOS 7, check out the iOS 7 theme for Android.


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