How to Make a Website for Free: 5 Steps


In today’s digital age, online presence has become an important aspect of every business practice. A website for that matter is an essential tool to take your business online and reach out to more audience, such as global audience. Whether it is about SMEs, big organizations or independent business entity having an appealing and user-friendly website is very important to convey your message across your target audience. For big organizations, it is not a big deal to hire a professional website developer but with some independent business owners or start-ups, spending huge sum of money on a website designer is not a feasible choice. Much to the thanks of free website builders available online, entrepreneurs can now create their own website without breaking the bank. Most of these online website creators offer free website building services. Here is how to make a website for free on such website builders.


Step 1- Ask yourself what kind of Website you want to create

The need of your website will help you decide what kind of hosting services you want. If you are planning to sell products online then you need ensure that the service provider you choose supports online stores. Otherwise finding a provider for basic website service is just like a cakewalk.

Step2- Look for Free Website Builder Online

A number of website builders are available online; some good, some bad, some expensive and some cheap, so it’s worth spending some time comparing features of a t least a few website builder. Some website builder will offer free services but will put random advertisements on your site. You need to keep all these things in mind, when choosing a website builder. Some popular free hosting sites include:


–        WordPress

–        webnode

Step 3- Compare their Services and Features

Each host follow a different pattern of services. Some will provide services for free, some will have limits on how much data you can upload on your webpage, and more so. But there are some websites that will help you create a professional website as per your liking and for free, you just need to carefully compare your options.

Step 4- Select the Theme that Suits your Business

Once you have found the builder as per your need and preferences, it is time to select a suitable theme aligned with the objective of your business, from the options of website templates available with the builder. Carefully choose the graphics to make your website appealing, but make sure that you don’t go overboard with the graphics as they may be then counterproductive.

Step 5- Consider How Much it will Cost you

Even if the services are for free, but as we know that there are no free lunches, so the provider might add advertisement to your website or even allure you to add more features to your website that might come with some monthly charges. Whichever builder you choose make sure you know how much it might cost you in the future in case you are planning to add more feature to your website.


–        Search for the web builders available online and visit them. Read what they are offering you and select the one that fulfils your needs the best.

–        Refer to their FAQ section; it will give you a fair idea about the products and services of the host

–        Try to pick the best template for your website that conveys your business objective in a clear manner

–        Give an easy name to your website so that people easily remember it

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