How to Hide Last Seen Status in WhatsApp – Read Messages, Send Replies

WhatsApp Hide Last Seen

The standard WhatsApp application comes with the last seen status for the user, and you have no option to directly change or remove this in the app. There are different ways to do that though, one of which is using the WhatsApp Plus app which certainly does more than what the original WhatsApp. And the other way is what we explain in the article below.

WhatsApp Hide LastSeen app is something which would hide the online status of the user in WhatsApp and that is mainly through the disconnection of the Internet and then sending/receiving messages only when you are connected to the Internet again, but then you won’t be shown online and thus the Last seen status is not shown on your profile.

How to Hide Last Seen profile status in WhatsApp

Open this app on Play Store. Install the app and then open it. You will see the option “Launch WhatsApp!” which you need to click. It would take you to the WhatsApp app and then you can use it to check all the messages which were pre-loaded when the Internet was on.

WhatsApp Hide Last Seen

Do whatever you want, send messages and change the stuff in your profile and then close WhatsApp. Once you close this WhatsApp Hide LastSeen app, the Internet would turn on automatically and whatever replies you had sent, would be actually sent now. There is no direct option instead of this, so the only thing you need to do is to open this app and go to WhatsApp through this, and you never would be showing your last seen status.

The app recently had got an update where it directly opens Whatsapp without you needing to click the Launch WhatsApp! button, but if that doesn’t happen, it’s just a click needed.

Do let us know if it isn’t working for you, or if you have some better ways of hiding the online status in WhatsApp which you are browsing it. This app won’t work with the WhatsApp for PC.

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