Explaining VOB File and How to Open It?


Have you ever come across a file with “.vob” as file extension? And have you had difficulty in opening that same file?

Well, if you ever encountered a file with “.vob” extension and wondered what it really is, and how to open it, then today we are here with a detailed article that explains what a “.vob” file is and how to open it.

What is a VOB File?

VOB is the short form of Video Object which is the file with “.vob” extension. Basically, these VOB files are a type of containers. Containers which store a set of other files within them. This means that whenever you see a VOB file on your hard drive, there are really good chances that there are other files merged into the VOB file.

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If you frequently play content from DVD on your desktops or laptops, then you must have already come across VOB files. That’s because VOB file types are common with DVD contents. For example, in a movie DVD, a VOB file will contain the video content of the movie, along with audio content and subtitle content in separate files. However, when the video is played, all of these files go along together.

Not every media players out there, even the standard ones, are capable of playing the VOB files. And if you are in need of a media player that is compatible with VOB file types, and if you are feeling that there are none, which can play VOB files easily, then below are some media players that can play the content with VOB file type without any issues.

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How to Open VOB Files?

Below are some of the media players that allow you to play VOB files without any errors or incompatibility issues:

  • Final Media Player: The Final Media Player is a compact yet efficient tool. Even though it is quite powerful, it is absolutely free to download and use. And once you download and install the Final Media Player on your PC, then you can play almost any format of video content without any errors or hassles of downloading extra codecs or plugins etc.
    The Final Media Players support a variety of file formats including VOB files and does not add any extra bloatwares on to your PC upon installation.
  • VideoLAN VLC Media Player: The VideoLAN VLC Media Player is a free and open source media player that is quite popular, globally. The main reason for the popularity of the VLC Media Player is that it supports almost every major operating systems out there including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS etc.
  • GOM Player: The GOM Player is yet another popular media player for Windows and has versions that supports both 32 and 64 bit versions as well. GOM Player is developed by a group of South Korean based developers under the Gretech company. The GOM Player is also world known with over 42 million downloads globally. Similar to the other media player options mentioned in this list, the GOM player also plays VOB files without any issues and is free to download and use as well.

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