Droidcon India 2013 Android Developer Conference in India – Dates, Venue & Details

Droidcon India 2013

Droidcon India is a developers conference for the Android OS developers, which happens in India every year with a lot of agenda and some important personalities attending and sharing their thoughts. This is a part of the Droidcon event that happens all around the world, in places like London, Paris, Berlin, Netherlands, Tunis, Ankara and Brussels. The event had taken place in Bangalore for the past 2 times, and again Bangalore is the place where the Droidcon India event is happening.

This 3-day event happening in Bangalore would cover a lot of topics, and that includes the categories such as the App Demos, Business, Gaming, the Systems and the User interface. Check out the details below:

Droidcon India 2013 Dates & Venue

Dates: 28th, 29th, 30th November 2013

Venue: MLR Convention Centre, Dyvasandra Industrial Layout Mahadevapura, Whitefield, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Location on Map – Click here

Droidcon India 2013

How to Register?
This is a paid entry and you can purchase the tickets to be a part of the conference by going to this URL: droidcon.doattend.com
The prices could be high because the early bird offer is already gone, but still the conference is worth it because this is what it includes:

  • 14 talks
  • 4 panel discussions
  • 6 app demos
  • 3 Lightning rounds
  • 6 Hacknights
  • 6 Workshops

A party would be hosted along with the conference and that wouldn’t hold an extra charge.

I want to showcase my App. How do I join?

You need to go to this page: https://funnel.hasgeek.com/droidcon2013/
Here you have to fill the details by proposing a session where you have to write [APP DEMO] in the title, and submit after filling all the relevant details. The last day that we see is October 18th 2013.

How to Contact Driodcon Team

Mail at support@hasgeek.com or
call +91-80-6768-4422 or
Visit https://droidcon.in/2013

There are a very few events happening in India that focuses a mobile operating system, and Google holds the largest I/O developer conference in the U.S. every year where the major releases are done but in India, the Droidcon seems to be the biggest event held, thus there are some good developers who show up at the event every year.

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