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WhatsApp Plus 4.75

WhatsApp Plus team has sent in another update to the app, and this is the WhatsApp+ v4.75 which has brought in a lot of modifications and changes from the other earlier updates, but we cannot call this one as a major update as most of the changes here are the bug fixes. The list of changes are given below, and you can download the latest whatsapp plus version by following the link provided in the bottom.

WhatsApp Plus 4.75

The change log is as follows:

  • Working with ART on the Android 4.4.1 KitKat OS version and up
  • Added the MOD 2.1.7 for disabling the opening of settings when clicking on header of chats
  • Added MOD 2.1.8 to shown own name instead of chats in the main header
  • Added MOD 1.2.0G to add the gradient color to the chat background
  • Added MOD 1.2.12G o add a gradient color for the bottom background
  • The General contact status is copied to clipboard when clicking on it on the chat or contact info screen

Apart from the above changes, the WhatsApp Plus 4.75 comes with a lot of fixes to the bugs, and the WhatsApp Plus 4.70 version used to crash a lot while using, especially when opening chats and closing them rapidly. The issue is now solved in this version of WhatsApp+.

The earlier versions of the WhatsApp Plus that were recently launched, were:

Using the WhatsApp Plus already? then you just need to wait until the update pops up on the screen when you open the app. If you cannot wait, or if you are using the WhatsApp official app, and wanted to try out the Plus version, then do the following:

  • Backup WhatsApp messages
  • Download WhatsApp Plus 4.75 APK – Link
  • Now uninstall the current WhatsApp or the WhatsApp Plus app that you are using right now
  • Install the v4.75 WhatsApp+ with the APK downloaded, and allow the external app installation in your smartphone if you haven’t already
  • It would prompt you that a message backup is found. You can choose to restore that or go for a fresh start
  • The other installation steps are just similar to the official app.

If you found any issues while using or installing the WhatsApp plus app, do let us know in the comments section.

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ryan - January 9, 2014

In whatsapp plus 4.75 supports 2.11.36 Version of normal whatsapp,
Whereas the normal whatsapp current version is 2.11.52 which many emoticons updated such as indian flag and many more..
I installed yur whatsapp plus 4.75 and using the same but there are no updated emoticons …
So plss update the latest version of whatsapp in yur plus edition..
No doubt plus is much more attractive than normal..
M enjoying it too..
Jus want the latest version of whatsapp in plus … thanks

    Chetan Bhawani - January 11, 2014

    That is indeed a very good suggestion pointed out, let us hope the WhatsApp plus team does something to include the latest emoticons in it.

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