Download WhatsApp Plus v4.70 APK – Minor Important Update from v4.65

WhatsApp Plus 4.70

WhatsApp Plus again gets a quick update, and this time its the v4.70 sent to the users and you can choose to directly update the current version from the app itself, or choose to download the APK file of the new version of Whatsapp plus and install it.

The new WhatsApp plus version comes with the following changes:

  • Added MOD 1.1.18 to enable going back when the user clicks on the header pic
  • Added MOD 2.2.19e to show the elapsed time instead of the date and time
  • For the KitKat users, it is not yet compatible with the ART

Apart from these changes all the minor bugs and issues have been solved. The version v4.70 is actually the version no. 2.11.136 and it is modded by rafalense.

WhatsApp Plus 4.70

The version earlier to this had so many changes and it was one of the big updates sent to the app from its makers, but it is always necessary to update to the latest version whenever available because it fixes all the security issue and fixes the bugs.

As given in the above image, you can choose “Update Now” or “Download in background” or “Remind me later” if at all you got the update notification, and this would happen only if you are already using a previous version of WhatsApp plus and not the official Whatsapp.

To install WhatsApp Plus for the first time in your Android smartphone, you need to backup the whatsapp data and then uninstall WhatsApp, so that you can now install the Plus version using the apk file, just like you install any third party application. Remember that you need to allow the third party app installation through the settings.

Download WhatsApp Plus 4.70 version apk

Download Link

The previous WhatsApp plus versions were:

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