Download WhatsApp Plus V 4.82D APK for Android Phones – Link, Features

WhatsApp Plus 4.82

The WhatsApp Plus team has launched a new version of the WhatsApp Plus, the 4.82 version with a lot of changes from the previous version, especially because there were many reports that the app was crashing earlier for many reasons, and it was the Critical force close of WhatsApp Plus when opening the app, and also the base is updated to the play store version.

There are a few other changes too which are included in this update, and one of this includes the force close fix when the user was sharing his location with the app. There was also an issue earlier for the sending and receiving the audio and video which is now totally fixed, and for the users having the right-to-left languages such as Arabic, Hebrew etc., things have now been changed to make it easier for them.

Update: after this, the Whatsapp plus v4.86 was released: Check to download.

WhatsApp Plus 4.82

Apart from what is listed above, several other bugs are fixed and the WhatsApp Plus 4.82 version has been sent to the users, and if you didn’t get any update already, check out the download link for the APK file below.

WhatsApp Plus v4.82D for Android download APK

You can download the WhatsApp plus APK and install it as an external application in the Android smartphone, and before that check if you wanted any earlier version of Whatsapp plus:

The download link for WhatsApp plus 4.82 version apk installation file is here: Click here. Before installing, do check in the settings that you have allowed the external / 3rd party app installations or else the app won’t install. If you are using the official Whatsapp, then you will need to backup the data and delete that app before you install the WhatsApp plus any version.
Here is how to backup Whatsapp data.

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