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Bluestacks whatsapp start

Whatsapp is one of the very actively used apps in the Android phones and the addiction of networking and chatting through this app is to such an extent that people who don’t want to hold the device and type on the small screen want to use it on the computer. Running the Whatsapp on PC is not a hard task because there are some good options available, and you can use the app through some 3rd party softwares.

Update:  Whatsapp has been officially launched for PC. You can find the more information here If you are looking for a detailed tutorial on downloading whatsapp for pc, visit this link. Now, whatsapp can be easily downloaded on windows and mac computers. It has already been a huge hit.

Below we explain to you how you can run WhatsApp on Windows computer. This one basically uses the Bluestacks software, which is a tool that would create a platform like Android OS on the computer and you can download and run any Android apps within that software.

Download Bluestacks software.
Install Bluestacks and it would just install like any other software in the Windows computer

Open Bluestacks after Installing it and connect your Google account like you do in the Android phone. The home screen would then show you some of the recommended applications.

Bluestacks app

Go to Search and search for WhatsApp, and it would show the application in the results. Click on the result icon and it would take you to the WhatsApp page just like you see in the Play Store in your Android phone.

Bluestacks whatsapp search

In the WhatsApp page, click on Install and then accept the terms where it shows what information would be used by the app. The app would then be installed.

Bluestacks whatsapp page

The app would open and you can login from there, but here because you are not using your SIM card for logging in, you have to enter the phone number and then wait for the app to send an SMS to your phone, and following which you can enter the code in the app page to login and confirm. Unlike the phone, here you will have to wait for five minutes until the app tries to automatically verify and fail in doing so.

Bluestacks whatsapp start

If you had any problems for the whatsapp download on pc, then let us know in the comments below and we would surely assist with you. The whatsapp for PC is a free app just like it is for the Android phones. One of the other popular chat apps for the Android users is WeChat, and here is a guide on how to download WeChat apk for Windows. The other popular app is Viber app for Android.

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