Download Quickoffice Android App for Free with 15GB Google Drive Storage

Quickoffice Android

Google had acquired Quickoffice more than a year back, and they finally came up now with some good news, as the Quickoffice for both Android and iOS is listed at the app stores for free, and the users with Google account are entitled to get 15GB of free Google Drive storage. The Quickoffice for mobile was made as a free option for the business Google Apps, but now it’s for everyone.

The various features of the Quickoffice for Android include:

  • Create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
  • Access files in Google Drive and on your device
  • Open and view PDF files
  • Share files through previously shared Google Drive folders
  • Attach files to emails

Quickoffice Android

The app is quite compatible to work on both Mobile phones and tablet devices, and you get to see full integration of the Google Drive in this, with the 15GB of storage, which is more than one would really want to store their documents and files, and have an access to them directly from the Android devices.

There are some alternative apps such as the Quickoffice Pro which are available for the price of $15 but that all shouldn’t be needed now as the Quickoffice App is available now for free and it is a file with size 17MB. The content syncs directly from any device and thus you can access the content from anywhere.

Download Quickoffice for Android

To download the free Quickoffice app for Android, you need to go to the Play Store and select the device for which you want to download it for, or search for the app directly from the Play Store in your device – Link

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