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Who wouldn’t want to opt for the name of Apple Trademark when it comes to gain the best computing experience? However, it has always been a complicated task to get the applications compatibly run on other operating systems like Windows, which is quite an opposite of Apple operating system. Among all these reflective notions it is quite a surprise to know the fact that Apple does consider some exceptions with iCloud, which is again one of their boastful trademarks. The exception is that Apple has incredible launched the official version of iCloud  for PC (Windows computers) and laptops.


Features of iCloud for PC

Storing data has always been an important task for the professional who do not want to risk losing their hard earned project works due to some slight technical errors with their system. So, most of the people always prefer a remote server for data storage, that can give the full assurance for the safety of their data. In this context cloud storage is the most highly preferred storage facility that has began a new trend of storing data for professionals. To catch the cloud trend Apple has one of its best software named iCloud, which is also a remote server that facilitates storing data for the professionals. iCloud is exclusively a renowned cloud storage brand of Apple INC.

How to Download iCloud on Windows Computer?

Initially this should be clear with the Windows Users who want to download iCloud in their PC that the official version of iCloud can only work on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista and not in XP. There are also some prerequisite software requirements for Windows users that they need to fulfill before they download the software in their PC.

  1. Be sure the system has Microsoft outlook 2007. This will help to give a backup and synchronizing emails and contacts.
  2. The system should have following Web Browsers to sync bookmarks: Chrome (28 and above), Internet explorer (9 or above), Firefox (22 and above)

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Procedure for downloading iCloud on Windows PC:

Before you download the Soft ware you should have had set up iCloud in your Smartphone or other alternative devices and then install the control panel of iCloud. So download the control panel and install it in your PC.

After the installation you have to use your official Apple Id to open the account. You can then just opt for all the services like backup, synchronizing, etc and click on apply.

After you perform the above steps successfully you are done with the installation and then you have to opt for automatic updates to keep the software updated.

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Download iCloud on MAC PC:

Since the software is an official trademark product of Apple, the users don’t have to follow any stringent steps for downloading it their MAC system. They just need to use their official Apple id and  can sync all the essential apps and give a back up to their PC For the safety of their data.

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