Download Flappy Bird Android Game APK – Direct Download V1.3

Flappy Bird Android

The Flappy bird game for Android, which was very much popular and had gained the popularity only because the creator of the game was making $50000 per day through the ads and the game had really nothing overwhelming when you talk of the graphics or content. It is just a simple game with the bird which has to pass through the pipes without hitting them, or the game ends there.

While the player gains points passing through the pipes and avoiding the crashes, there are four medals which he can get –

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold (hard)
  • Platinum (very hard)

Flappy Bird Android

The simpler the game looks like, the harder it is. Because, you could easily see the bird hitting one of the pipes if you are not paying attention and going as you wish.
We did grab the APK file of the Flappy bird game before the owner of the game pulled it off from the Play Store, thus you can now download the APK file and install the game on your Android phone if you see that missing from your device.

To install the game, you will have to download the Flappy bird game APK file and transfer it to your phone and install it there, after you have allowed the external apps installation in the device.

Download Flappy Bird APK

Click here to download the APK file – Download Link

If you are finding any problem in downloading the game, do comment below and we would provide an alternate download link.

Isn’t this your favorite game already? if you haven’t played it, do try it. It should work on almost all the Android phones and it’s not even 1MB in size, so no worries about the game size. Check out the Android Games section in our website to download the APK of different interesting games for your Android phone and tablet.

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