How to Disable Auto Image Downloading in WhatsApp to save Data Costs

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WhatsApp comes with lots of features and one of them which makes the message reading easier and experience better for you is the Auto image downloading option. With this feature, whenever the smartphone is connected to the Internet, the images sent to you by your contacts would be auto downloaded and you can directly view them whenever you are checking the messages, and there is no need to hit Download and wait for the download to happen.

But, this feature is not always useful because if you are connected to the Internet via data network, then the downloading of images could cost more than expected. So it is better to turn that option off until at least the Android phone is connected to any Wi-Fi network.

Thankfully there is a direct setting for this in the WhatsApp messenger itself in the Settings section and you can select whether to auto download the images or pictures in WhatsApp or choose to download them manually based on the network you are on.

Disable Auto Picture Download in WhatsApp

To do that, you need to go to Settings by pressing the Menu button when the WhatsApp is open, and then tap “Chat Settings”. In that, the second option is Media auto-download and that is the one you need to tap.

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In the Media auto-download option, you get to see options for the selection of the media type which you wish to download when connected via a particular network option. For example, click on “When using mobile data” and you would see the Image, Audio, Video of which you select any or none of them based on whether you wanted the data network to auto download these media types.

Remember that voice messages don’t have the option because they are automatically downloaded so that you have the best experience of chatting, just like the text messages.

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So with this option you can choose to auto download media files over your 2G/3G/4G data network or through Wi-Fi network. Do let us know whether you liked the tip and needed any additional help about WhatsApp. A couple of tips that we shared earlier:

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