How to Check Warranty Status of Gionee Android Phones Online

Gionee Warranty Check

The Gionee smartphones, just like the ones from the other brands too, come with a specific warranty period, and for most of the phones it is 1 year of warranty for the internal damages and not the physical ones. The number of service centers for Gionee Android smartphones have been increasing because there are several mobile service centers which are coming forward to take the partnership in repairing the smartphones from Gionee under warranty.

The Gionee website directly gives the users an information about the warranty status of the Android smartphones, although not much but still the general status whether the device is under warranty or the warranty period is also finished.

Check Warranty Status of Gionee Phones

To check the status of warranty period of your Gionee android smartphone, you need to follow the given link:

Gionee Warranty Tracker

Once you open that page, you will have to enter the IMEI number of your phone. To find out the IMEI number of your phone, you either will have to check the box packaging of the phone which is easier, especially when your phone is not working.

If at all your phone is working fine, you can check for the IMEI number by going to the phone dialer and entering *#06# and then hit the call button to get the 16-digit IMEI number.

Gionee Warranty Check

The status would just show whether the Gionee phone is “Under Warranty” or not under warranty, and that would not show the exact date till when it would last, and that can be found only through your bill and with the time mentioned for the warranty in the warranty card given in the box.

There is a toll free number provided by Gionee for those who are not able to check for the warranty period of their phone online – 1800 208 1166.

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