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Top 5 MODs To Boost Performance Of Your Android Smartphone

By Akhil Pulotil

The biggest advantage of owning an Android device is that you can install various mods, custom ROM’s and kernels on your Android device after rooting it. And installing such custom built ROM’s and scripts on your Android Smartphone can boost up its performance by two to three times. Won’t you like to boost up the […]


The 7 Facts about Android OS Every New User Needs to Know

By Himanshu Saxena

The Google Android OS is one of the biggest mobile operating systems now, having the highest share in the market. There are more number of Android phone users than the users owning smartphones with the other mobile OS. If you are a new Android user, you should know these facts about it. Naming of Android […]


Top 5 FAQ’s About Samsung Galaxy S4 With Answers!

By Akhil Pulotil

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is, without any doubt the most anticipated and the most hyped Android Smartphone of 2013. The device has already broken many sales records, and people are loving it. Even though we expected something more from Samsung Galaxy S4 this year in terms of design, they compensated the issue by boosting the […]


Top 5 Facts You Need To Know About Android

By Akhil Pulotil

Before beginning the article, I would like to thank you for coming here. This is the first post here at Being a blog that focusses on Android and related news, there is no better way than beginning with an article about Android Facts. So let’s pop in ! Are you an Android enthusiast ? […]

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