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Top 5 Apps for Accurate Indian Weather Forecast

By Himanshu Saxena

Thanks to advancement in the realm of information technology, getting weather updates in real time has become a cakewalk. Weather is a geographic centric phenomenon that keeps changing from one latitude to another and is different on different longitudes. Given the significant impact that ever-changing weather patterns can have on our day-to-day activities, having a […]


How to Bring Back App Ops to Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS

By Himanshu Saxena

Just when most of the Android users started exploring the new privacy feature which is called the App Ops, Google had suspended the feature. The users are perplexed about the reason that prompted Google to take such action. The App ops were good in handling the unnecessary permission that each app demanded before installing them. […]


How to Backup Personal Data / Settings on Android Phone

By Akhil Pulotil

Backing up the data on your Android Smartphone is very important if you’re willing to do any kind of customizations on your Android Smartphone. This ensures you that if something goes wrong and your Android Smartphone gets bricked, you can get your Smartphone back safely using the backup data. When you do a complete backup […]

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