How to Capture Screenshot on your LG G2 Smartphone

LG G2 Screenshot

The LG G2 smartphone has got a totally new design and that has been quite good for many users who wanted to see a change, and the G2 has got the physical buttons on the back panel just below the camera lens, unlike the normal side panel placement that we have always seen. This was good in a way for the users to see a change in holding the device and pressing the buttons, but when you are trying to take a screenshot, you might end up messing up with it and not finally getting to capture one.

These high-end smartphones do come with more than one way to capture the screenshots, and thus you can do that with both the physical buttons or even through the G2’s interface. Here are the ways you can do that.

Capture Screenshot on LG G2 – With Physical Buttons

The below picture would give you a clear idea of how you can capture the screenshots in the LG G2 phone, using the physical back buttons – You need to press the Lock and Volume Down button at the same time when you are on the screen which you wanted to capture. You can do that even with a single finger, but for a new user it won’t be easy and you might need to use two fingers for that.

LG G2 Screenshot

For those who are still trying it out, check out the video for an easier understanding:

Capture Screenshot on LG G2 – With Software Method

The software method might need some understanding for a user to take a screenshot, because you need to go to the Quick Memo app for the same, and here are is how you can do it:

  • Drag down the notification panel, click on the Quick settings menu
  • There’s a Quick Memo option that you might see on the left side
  • Click on that, and the screen where you were working on, would be captured
  • You can save that image to the gallery or even play around with it by editing the picture

Having said all this, isn’t it easier to take a screenshot in the LG G2 by using the two physical buttons on the back?

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