How to Bring Back App Ops to Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS

App Ops

Just when most of the Android users started exploring the new privacy feature which is called the App Ops, Google had suspended the feature. The users are perplexed about the reason that prompted Google to take such action. The App ops were good in handling the unnecessary permission that each app demanded before installing them. So it was really helping the users and the installation process was much smoother now. The App Ops was able to read location data and contacts, it can also send MMS or SMS or even notifications were posted by it. All this helped the users while installing any apps.

App Ops

The Google official says that it was never meant for the end users in fact it was mainly launched for debugging. The Current App Ops that is doing the rounds are for the engineers who can use it as a tool for examining, testing some part of the system and maybe in future some third party developers can use it for their purpose but not the end users. Google was trying to tackle the exposure of App Ops with new release of Android where it was really hard to locate the app and now finally blocking it.
Want privacy, don’t update!

So, if you are a kind of person who loves their privacy then don’t try to update to the newer version that is Android 4.4.2. It won’t secure your privacy anymore. Google has already axed the privacy feature “App Ops” from the latest version. With the help of App Ops, the users made sure their personal information was secured and wouldn’t allow the apps to access it while installing them. This App Ops made the users feel secure and while installing they were confident that their information would not fall into wrong hands as they have already secured them.

App Ops for Root

  • Once you have installed it, you simply need to launch the app and click on the Install AppOps Root button.
  • You will be asked to provide app Superuser access so that the required files can be installed to the system partition
  • Grant permissions and the app will take over and handle everything in the background
  • Now you can launch AppOps by pressing the Launch Stock AppOps Button
  • Sneak peek into App Ops for Root

XDA developers have developed the App Ops for Root. App Ops feature works only on Android 4.3 and the later version. You can also have the app free of cost through Play Store. There are certain websites which will keep you updated about the development.

Why App Ops was popular!

The users had the full control of enabling or disabling operations for each app separately so if you block certain information then the affected app will not be able to access that information. Some Toggle-able permissions are – Access notifications, Keep awake, Notification volume, call phone, write SMS/MMS, read contacts, post notification, read call log, read SMS/MMS, modify clipboard, modify settings and the list just goes on.
If you are worried about your personal information getting on the wrong hands then you can now get the App Ops back in your device and feel safe and secured.

To get the AppOpsXposed – AppOps for 4.3-4.4.2, head over to the XDA thread – Link.

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