Best Photo Editing Apps That You Must Check Out

In this digital era, producing excellent visual content has become supremely crucial for every business. Photographers have bigger opportunities to grow their portfolios now.

The love for photography and photo sharing on social media accounts has become 40 times more important for people than previous years. In simple words, we all like to show stuff rather than telling about them. So, people are more into sharing everything in the form of pictures.

Fortunately, there are inexpensive and creative photo editing styles that can help you edit your pictures so perfectly. We have compiled a list for you right on this page.

Here are some of these amazing photo-editing apps:

1. Afterlight

It will cost you $0.99. This app works for iPhones, androids and windows as well.

The time has gone when you can only rely on instagram editing tools to edit your pictures. Apps like Afterlight have all the features you require to make a picture look gorgeous.

You can adjust the color tones, increase and decrease the exposure, rotate pictures, add filters and fix the lighting of the images. It has 72 filters and 128 frames that you can choose from to make your pictures look great. Isn’t that everything you need to edit your photos?

2. VSCO Cam

This app is free and works perfectly for iPhones and android phones.

Vasco Cam has gained its popularity from the last few years because it has offered more variety for photo editing tools than any other photo editing apps.

This application has filters which have more warm, real and soft look. With this app it takes just one filter to transform your photo. My favorite filter from this app is C1.

If you haven’t tried this one yet, go for it. You will thank me later.

3. Snapseed

This one is also free and compatible for IOS and android phones.

Snapseed is amazing for all the basic image editing. It has the best adjustment tools. Whether it’s toning, rotating, cropping, sharpening or highlighting, this app works so well for each basic detail while post-processing images. It has great tool to sharpen images without increasing too much grain. You can even point and edit one particular area of the picture in this app which is something you won’t find in other photo editing apps.

4. Photoshop Express

This is another free app for IOS and android phones.

Trust me or not, Adobe Photoshop is not something you can use on your laptop. Photoshop express has so much to offer you which is similar to Adobe Photoshop photo editing. You can adjust the lighting, colors and sharpen images just like Adobe in this app. Its expert in making collages and has great decorating options in which you can add amazing stickers to your pictures.


Last one on the list is SKEWT which can cost you $0.99 for editing your photos. It works in IOS and Android phones. This app offers something very unique. What is it? Well, this app has this feature through which you adjust the lines in your pictures. This helps you to make your pictures have a clean and square effect. Whether it’s a tower, your burger or a picture of a street, this app helps you titled perspective of the photo with just a little bit if editing.

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Stephanie Lewis is a writer and a new born photographer. She joined Photography Concentrate team in 2017 and since then she has been trying to pursue the best photography and editing practices. Besides photography, she loves having coffee, meeting new people and travelling to exotic places. Stephanie also spends her free time catching up with new technology trends.

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