How to Backup Messages on Whatsapp on your Android Phone


How To Backup WhatsApp Messages?

This is the most commonly asked question by WhatsApp users. Backing up messages are important, as you won’t lose any of them in case you do a data reset, or your device gets corrupted.

Well, the fact is that the Backup feature is inbuilt into WhatsApp, and many people just don’t know that.

The recovery and installation are simple, and today we are here with a simple and sweet tutorial on how to backup message from your WhatsApp messenger application on a device running Android operating system.


How To Backup Messages On WhatsApp?

If you’re seeking for a tutorial on how to backup messages from your WhatsApp messenger on an Android device, then below is a tutorial that can help you out:

  • First of all, launch the WhatsApp application from the applications drawer of your Android Smartphone.
  • Now from the WhatsApp main menu, hit on your menu key.
  • Now a popup dialog box will appear from the bottom of your WhatsApp menu.
  • From the popup dialog box, hit the Settings tab.
  • Now a new settings panel will popup.
  • From the settings panel, click on the Chat Settings option.
  • From the chat settings option, now press Backup Conversations.

Now the backup of your WhatsApp messages will be successfully and safely stored in the internal storage of your Smartphone.

 How To Restore Backed Up WhatsApp Messages?

Once you have your WhatsApp messages backed up on the internal storage of your Smartphone, below is how you can restore it on your Smartphone:

  • First of all, install WhatsApp on your Smartphone.
  • Enter your mobile phone number and confirm the process.
  • After you reach the homscreen of your WhatsApp messenger, WhatsApp will automatically notify you if you have a backup file stored on the internal storage of your Smartphone.
  • Confirm the notification, and the backup will be automatically installed on your WhatsApp messenger.

Finally, this was a small tutorial on how to backup your WhatsApp messenger, and then restore it later. I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Please leave you comments, suggestions and queries below.

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