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Akhil Pulotil


Best Screenshot Apps for Android to Capture Pics and everything else

By Akhil Pulotil

Nowadays, we do a lot of important tasks, such as banking and other stuffs from our Android Smartphones itself. Therefore, while performing such important activities, it is very much needed to keep a proof of the transactions or actions, for future reference. One of the easiest ways to┬ákeep a record and proof of all the […]


Explaining VOB File and How to Open It?

By Akhil Pulotil

Have you ever come across a file with “.vob” as file extension? And have you had difficulty in opening that same file? Well, if you ever encountered a file with “.vob” extension and wondered what it really is, and how to open it, then today we are here with a detailed article that explains what […]

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