Advantages and Disadvantages of Nokia X, Nokia X+ or Nokia XL Smartphones

Nokia X

If you’ve been waiting for so long to get your hands down a Nokia built Smartphone running the Android OS, then your wait must have probably been over. As last month, Nokia announced the much rumored Nokia X Smartphone running a special built of Android OS. Apart from the Nokia X, the company also announced two different Smartphone, the Nokia X+ and the Nokia XL respectively.

Nokia X

As rumored from the beginning, all the three Nokia X Smartphones are mainly targeting developing markets and the budget Android Smartphone buyer. As a result, the Smartphones lacks high end hardware specifications but however holds good when the hardware specifications are compared to the price at which it sells.

For someone who was eagerly waiting for a Nokia Android Smartphone, or for someone who is taking their infant steps into the Android ecosystem, or for someone who needs an Android powered Smartphone within a tight budget, the Nokia X Smartphones suits all these kinds of buyers.

The major difference between the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and the Nokia XL are their screen sizes, camera performances and meagre hardware specifications improvements respectively. We’ve discussed more about the similarities and differences among these three Smartphones on our detailed review of the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL Smartphones.

Advantages of buying Nokia X, Nokia X+ or Nokia XL Smartphones:

Buying a Nokia X, Nokia X+ or the Nokia XL leaves you with a minimum list of advantages. Mainly being that these three Smartphones are Nokia’s baby steps into the Android ecosystem, and we do expect to see a wide variety of Android Smartphone coming out from Nokia in the upcoming days.

One of the best advantages of buying the Nokia X, X+ or XL Smartphones are that you get a Windows Phone-like feel and experience on an Android Smartphone built by Nokia. If you have a very tight budget, or if you just want to taste the basics of Android, then the Nokia X Smartphones are your best choice. The Nokia X Smartphones comes with some Nokia specific features and settings to personalize your experience, and also with hardware specifications and performance, good enough for an average user.

Disadvantages of buying Nokia X, Nokia X+ or Nokia XL Smartphones:

The only disadvantage of the Nokia X, Nokia X+ or the Nokia XL can be coined as their lack of access to the Google Play Store. However, as the Smartphone OS is built on Android, third party developers has already begun background processes to gain root access to the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and the Nokia XL Smartphones, which would help you customize your Smartphone or even run the Google Play Store on your Nokia X, X+ or XL Smartphones in the future.

Yet another disadvantage of the Nokia X, X+ and XL Smartphones are that, if you can extend your budget for buying an Android Smartphone a bit more, you can get better and worthier choices like the Motorola Moto G, which is highly recommended over the Nokia X, XL or X+ Smartphones.

Final Words:

I hope you found our article on the advantages and disadvantages of buying Nokia X, X+ or XL Smartphones useful. If you already own any of these Smartphones, do share us your experiences with the Smartphone as comments below.

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